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Renick Bell

Renick Bell is a composer and one half of the duo The Third Second (with Jason Landers). He has also composed music with Junichi Uesugi. Bell’s experimental work began with his introduction to the digital studio in 1994. Under the guidance of Dr. Steve Paxton, Bell began composing pieces that developed from electronic rock to more free-form explorations of sound. Bell moved to New York City in the fall of 1999, where he co-composed the score to Spun, a contemporary dance theater piece, with Kevin Wheeler and Aaron Nisbit. In the spring of 2001, Bell relocated to the mountains south of Taipei, Taiwan, and composed Seven Studies. After completing Seven Studies, he began work on Three Paths, which was completed in August of 2001. Bell moved to Tokyo, Japan in 2006 and currently lives there.

Releases by Renick Bell include:

Releases as 05 Shambolic Scattered:

Releases with Jason Landers as The Third Second:

Releases with Junichi Uesugi:

Mixes by Renick Bell:

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