Posted on April 14, 2015 by Renick

05 Shambolic Scattered - Mastication (audio) (2005)

This EP by 05 Shambolic Scattered chews on some aged breakbeat scraps. After being shredded and reguritated, synthetic sauce make them spicy but palatable. With the added garnish of melody, it becomes fine dining.

Various drum break samples were processed repeatedly, chopped up, and processed more. MIDI files were mangled, transposed, and recorded. All of the samples were arranged and mixed down, and then those mixes were cut apart and re-processed. These tracks are four of the final mixdowns of those experiments.

Download below…

THE3RD2ND_007 - 05 Shambolic Scattered - Mastication (audio) (2005)

  1. Asunder (3:59)

  2. Flurry (3:35)

  3. Hymn (3:56)

  4. Subdued (4:13)