Posted on April 14, 2015 by Renick

Renick Bell - Ragalike (audio) (2007)

These are recordings of improvised performances very loosely based on Indian raga performance conventions. An electronic drone begins the piece before a wildly modulating synth joins in. The synths pick up a meter with five pulses per bar, and then a synthesized drum begins to accompany them. The three instruments become progressively frenzied, with the piece ending right at the peak.

Dan Stowell says “I like it a lot.”

Download the audio here:

THE3RD2ND_011 - Renick Bell - Ragalike (audio) (2007)

Ragalike, take 3 (13:05)

Ragalike, take 4 (10:57)

Ragalike, take 6 (10:13)

The pieces were realized as an interactive composition. The composition was programmed using the SuperCollider programming language and recorded in Linux using the Ardour digital audio workstation. The code for the interactive composition can be downloaded from here:

Running the interactive composition requires the jack audio connection kit, SuperCollider, and SwingOSC.

Photo by Ryuhei Shindo: