Posted on April 14, 2015 by Renick

Renick Bell - Reserve Drones (audio) (2011)

These drones, having been held in reserve, fill the gap in the release catalog at THE3RD2ND_014.

The project was undertaken as a study in the construction of drones.

Each track is based around synth-string improvisations in the Haskell programming language with hsc3 by Rohan Drape and scsynth from SuperCollider. Additional improvisations on Kaoscillator and Kaospad were recorded in separate sessions. Both types of improvisations, recorded in 2009, were processed and arranged in Ardour in January and February of 2011 to yield these five drones.

The drones were mixed just slightly to give a 50-minute seamless listening experience. The unmixed individual drones are also included in the file pack which can be downloaded below.

THE3RD2ND_014 - Renick Bell - Reserve Drones (audio) (2011) (241 MB)


  1. Reserve Drones (mixed) (49:46) 1.Wellspring Drone; 2. Manifestations Drone; 3. Gateway Drone; 4. Root Drone; 5. Complement Drone

  2. Wellspring Drone (8:08)

  3. Manifestations Drone (17:13)

  4. Gateway Drone (11:10)

  5. Root Drone (5:33)

  6. Complement Drone (9:55)