THE3RD2ND_003 - Renick Bell - Three Paths (audio) (2002)


Composed by Renick Bell during the summer of 2001, Bell wanted to experiment with long forms with varying dynamics.Each track originates in a single sound file. Those original files were not sampled or recorded, but digitally generated by granular or FM synthesis. Many versions of that sound file were created by using various signal processing methods. The versions were similarly processed, creating a larger collection of files. These files were then arranged into evolving digital soundscapes. These pieces mark the end of a period of work beginning with Seven Studies. This was released by in 2002.

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THE3RD2ND_003 - Renick Bell - Three Paths (audio) (2002)

Renick Bell - Three Paths

1. Path 1 (15:12)

2. Path 2 (17:58)

3. Path 3 (10:11)

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