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THE3RD2ND.COM is a netlabel for electronic and improvised music founded in 2002. Please freely consume the mp3s here, most under a Creative Commons license. Related media is also released, including video and code.

THE3RD2ND_018 - Various Artists - A Gentle Introduction, Mixed by Renick Bell (audio) (2011)


Renick Bell has mixed 30 of the softer tracks from this site into a 64-minute excursion that, by the end, stretches out in a peaceful way. Tracks from Yuji Takeda, YATE, bew, Junichi Uesugi, and Deserts of Sound, as well as his own tracks, containing drones, glitches, noise, and instrumental improvisations have been chosen to give listeners this gentle introduction into the3rd2nd.com.

The mix and more information about it can be found on this page:


THE3RD2ND_017 - Junichi Uesugi and Renick Bell - Reaped, Reconciled, Released (audio) (2011)

Junichi Uesugi and Renick Bell provide a set of rearranged improvisations primarily of guitar, viola, and drums. Departing somewhat from the drones of their previous release, Reaped, Reconciled, Released places greater emphasis on melodies and structure contrasted against preserved mistakes and noise.

Norio Kozima provided the cover art for this release.

The file pack containing the six songs in this EP can be downloaded from this page:


THE3RD2ND_014 - Renick Bell - Reserve Drones (audio) (2011)


Due to a gap in the release list, this year THE3RD2ND_014 was released. Renick Bell provides a set of drones which had previously been held in reserve, having been recorded in 2009.

Synth strings and other drones provide a background for other synth improvisations.

The file pack contains mp3s of each drone, as well as a 49-minute mix of all of the drones. It can be found on this page:


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