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bew - Audiopaint, 2007 remixes (audio) (2007)

Barry Cullen, also known as bew, ran across Audiopaint, a freeware program which does a kind of additive synthesis from image files ( He created a series of backdrops, on top of which he added beats from drum machines, guitar, saxophone, trombone, and vocals. The recordings were each done in a single take through a variety of analog treatments: tape delay, valve amplifier, pre-1970s speaker cabinets, a Lorenzo organ from the garbage, and a fuzz pedal collection spanning four decades.

The original versions were remixed in 2007 for What results is a range of sounds from electroacoustic evolutions to pleasant processed settings of acoustic instruments that might even be called delicate and tender.

In addition to Cullen’s three mixes, Weakling and King and Aln vs. Cln have delivered remixes. Weakling and King’s track pulls groaning and noisy beats from bew’s material, while Aln vs. Cln’s track had “every sound treated digital>analogue>digital to avoid undue cleanliness.”

Cover photo by Anne-Sophie Cocault (

THE3RD2ND_012 - bew - Audiopaint, 2007 remixes (audio) (2007)

Download the whole release as a zip.

  1. Audiopaint 01 (4:33)

  2. Audiopaint 02 (1:58)

  3. Audiopaint 03 (7:19)

  4. Audiopaint (Aln vs. Cln remix) (4:16)

  5. Audiopaint (Weakling & King remix) (3:25)

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