Posted on April 14, 2015 by Renick

YATE - Phases Of Phantoms (audio) (2004)

This session of 21st century free-jazz by YATE explores the intersection of modal sax riffs and gritty electronic textures.The four tracks alternately drone, slither, and roar through electro-acoustic and even blues territory.

These tracks were recorded live without overdubs in Phoenix, Arizona.

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The personnel on this recording are:

Rob Kilman: keyboards, processors

Tim Severson: guitars, processors

Jason Landers: keyboards, drum machine, processors

Jamie Failla: sax, processors

THE3RD2ND_005 - YATE - Phases Of Phantoms (audio) (2004)

  1. Phase I (10:34)

  2. Phase II (4:53)

  3. Phase III (7:08)

  4. Phase IV (8:21)